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Astrology or Jyotishya is a method of predicting events based upon the idea that the celestial bodies — particularly the planets and stars considered within their moving combinations or configurations (called constellations) — either determine or indicate changes in the life of an individual. The basis for this assumption is proven historically in Vedas and radically separates astrology from the celestial omina (“omens”) that were first categorized and mentioned in ancient Mesopotamia. Originally, astrologers require a geocentric universe within which the “planets” (including the Sun and Moon) revolve in orbits whose centres are at or near the middle of the world and within which the stars are fixed upon a sphere with a finite radius whose centre is additionally the middle of the world.

Important events like career, relationship, health insights, travel and lots more are included in your Daily, weekly or monthly horoscope. The team of highly qualified and experienced astrologers at AstroPlus mention how the planets’ movements are affecting you basis where the planets were placed at the time of your birth.

The 9 planets in astrology are Sun or (Surya), Moon or (Chandra), Mars or (Mangala), Mercury or (Budha), Jupiter or (Brihaspati), Venus or (Shukra), Saturn or (Shani), Rahu or (north node of the moon), and Ketu or (south node of the moon).
Among all these planets, some are favourable planets, meaning the presence of them in your kundli bring prosperity to your life, whereas other planets have a negative impact on our lives eg: Rahu and Ketu. Their presence in one’s kundli may bring pain and struggle. However, one must bear in mind is that presence of Ketu in one’s kundli is not always bad.

Astrology or prediction can be carried out in many ways, some of the most common ways of doing predictions are Horoscope, Numerology, Face reading, Palm reading, Tarot, Psychic, Zodiac, etc. Astrologers at AstroPlus use various time tested techniques to make accurate predictions and share guidance to help you shape your future.

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AstroPlus is the one stop shop for all your astrology needs, we have the team of expert astrologers in their respective fields. Our Astrologers help customers across the globe to resolve their long pending issues by guiding them with the right remedies and solution. Our Astrologers are bringing smiles to thousands of customers everyday.

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What My Client Say

I downloaded this app when I came across its ad on social media. I took advice of the astrologers for my business on a few occasions and found them to be very accurate. I now use it frequently for enabling me to take the right decisions especially while applying for tenders and doing business deals.

Dipak Shah - Mumbai

I am a married woman and we have been planning to start a family but have not been successful since over 3 years. Doctors said that we both were perfectly healthy but we were still unlucky. My friend who uses AstroPlus frequently recommended me to download this app. I spoke to an astrologer who helped me identify a cause and suggested a remedy. After 6 months of pursuing her advice I was delighted one day when the tests came positive. We are eagerly looking forward to the delivery in coming months.

Pooja Verma - Bhopal    

I am an independent career focused woman and had achieved good success at work but I was not lucky in relationships. Various matrimony proposals came but somehow none of them materialized. It was feeling very depressed. I downloaded the AstroPlus app and spoke to an Astrologer, conversations with her revealed the reason for the failure. She guided me on how to get rid of the dosha and within 6 months I found my soulmate. Thanks AstroPlus. 

Nisha Singh - Hyderabad

AstroPlus helped me secure a meaty role at my company. I had been working for last 8 years at the same company and had received 3 nominal increments and a promotion over the years. Seeing other team members rise while I was stuck at the same position for so long was very frustrating. I was thinking of changing the job. My friend introduced me to AstroPlus and advice of the Astrologer asked me to stay with the same company as good news was due in coming months. Our company opened a new branch and they appointed me as the Branch Manager for the new branch and handling a team of 6 persons. Thank you AstroPlus.  

Anand Mathur - Raipur

I am a sales professional and was facing too much work pressure such that it had started disturbing my personal life as well as health. My relations with my boss had become extremely strained. At advice of my uncle I connected with a couple of Astrologers at AstroPlus. Conversations with them revealed that the challenging phase was going to last a few months but practicing a few remedies would turn the tide. Their advice helped me get through the phase and I am now amongst the top performers at work. My boss acknowledges my contribution at work, my health and personal life are back on track.

Akhil Tyagi - Jodhpur

After securing a high score in my 12th boards I was unable to decide whether to pursue Engineering or Medicine, Biotech or IT. Conversations with AstroPlus astrologer helped me get clarity as to what field was more suitable and rewarding. Thank you AstroPlus for helping me make the right decision. I am happily pursuing Biotech.

Shilpa Saxena - Delhi