Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

Each year brings new opportunities along with new challenges for all of us. But how do we know what’s in store for us? Well, read your “Yearly Horoscope” and discover what’s in store for you this year. An unpleasant event will no longer surprise you because you can mentally prepare yourself for the worst, thanks to the “Yearly Horoscope”. You can look into the possibilities of finding true love or know what steps to take in terms of a career for a secure future.

The “Yearly Horoscope” is prepared such as to provide you a glimpse of how your life and its different aspects such as relationships, marriage, career, etc. would change during the coming year.

Yearly horoscope helps you in:

  • Personal life
  • Love and Relationship
  • Career and Business growth
  • Finance and Wealth management
  • Health and fitness
  • Education
  • Marriage



This is a superb year for Aries because the Jupiter energy really gels well with your own fiery nature. This can help you to reignite the various passions you have for life and you can begin to enjoy things again and find increased meaning in your pursuits.

Jupiter increases Aries’ enthusiasm level, it makes you more competitive and so you can be more inclined to get involved in sporting and business activities of a very competitive nature, simply because you love throwing your hat into the ring and show people what you can do.

However, as a partner you could be a handful as you’re more headstrong, pushy and a little reckless. You’re unlikely to take advice and you’re rather more impatient than usual and looking for new ways to live life to the full.

Jupiter is also the planet of philosophy and greater understanding, so while you are experiencing a lot more luck and prosperity in terms of practical ventures, on a spiritual level you’re more open minded and tolerant which is excellent for you rising above pettiness, being forgiving and seeing the bigger picture. Thus it’s less likely that you will be mean-spirited and narrow-minded – not that these are in general of traits of Aries – but you are more eager to be generous of spirit and to understand the wider significance of things without letting the minutiae get your down.

This is a fortune year for new relationships, for healing and for forgiveness, so because you’re ready to leave the past in the past and deal with past issues, new relationships can be more successful, even if they don’t become emotionally close and intimate from the get go. Existing relationships can move forward, especially if there has been a period of lack of understanding, conflict or difficulty.

2023 is also a much better year for your earnings and business, there are more opportunities to create prosperity and security and also a lot more interesting avenues to explore.
There’s an abundance of variety abounding in your day to day life, and as we know Aries get bored quickly, so the various opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge will keep your busy and interested.

Aries and your partner need to be more willing to accept personal responsibility, so while you are interested in being a team player in relationships, the buck stops with both of you and it is vital for you to understand exactly the part you play in various relationship issues, and to self-correct or take a step back and analyze your own motivations in relationships more deeply.

You need to acknowledge why you’re in a relationship, what your priorities are and what really makes the relationship tick, and this should help you to re-focus on strengthening relationship, but from the point of view of your own strength.

2023 is definitely a positive one for your finances, particularly as in the second part of the year Jupiter will be in Taurus, along with Uranus which continues to be in Taurus and the North node is in Taurus too. Jupiter should bring you a little bit of luck, it should mean that you are able to attract bigger clients, get better contracts or make more sales, if you are self-employed or work in your own business. If you work for someone else there should be more opportunities within your current employment to earn more, or get a promotion.

There can be sudden surprises and new information which changes the way you think about money, so it’s not just about earning more, it’s about better ways to invest, new ways to save money or how to get excellent deals on products that you need as inputs.



Jupiter brings a lot of luck into your life, and the luck is often due to changes in attitudes or willingness to be more open-minded and expensive in terms of your thinking. It has to be said that Taurus can become set in your ways and a little bit narrow, and this can limit the scope of  your opportunities, but right now you are more open emotionally and in terms of your mentality, and that will help bring fresh perspectives and thereafter new exciting opportunities into your life. You’re more comfortable and far less likely to be threatened by change, because you have an adventurous spirit and more willingness to let go.

If you have felt depressed, blue or your health hasn’t been good, this is an excellent year where you can see improvement, however the improvement shouldn’t be taken for granted because you have to understand the lessons of the illness or depression to fully recover. So during the retrograde of Jupiter in the autumn Taurus should take a pause to understand the meaning of the current era of your life in terms of the entire journey. No matter what is going on in your world or emotionally, you have to understand all the forces both within and without that brought you to this point, before the next phase of development can come clearly into focus.

In terms of romance and friendships, you’re more likely to encounter people who are good for you and to whom you can play a positive role. So there is an excellent symbiosis in new relationships which involves learning, excitement, stimulation and also romance and warmth.

This is a time of expanding personal relationships, meeting new people, and engaging with different sorts of people, so it can be an exciting time simply because you are a social creature, and you do become highly stimulated and gratified from expanding your social circle and rubbing shoulders with people who can bring some excitement and inspiration into your life.

Ideally, this year can bring about an almost spiritual relationship and a true love. So you could very well be lucky in love, the only thing that could impact this prospect, is the fact that you often don’t know a good relationship when you see it, and can sometimes be distracted by the superficial elements. Thus not all relationships you form this year are going to be winners, but somewhere in there they could be a winner.

This can be a very good year for your marriage and long-term relationships but it all depends on the level of give and take. Sometimes things can get a little bit extreme in relationships, there is the tendency for you and your partner to get carried away. This is not just about keeping things in perspective, this can also be in terms of finances and family matters, as you tend to take on more than you necessarily know you are ready for, and often things escalate and quickly become quite a headache. So it’s very important for you to think twice before making any decisions, because often these steamroll into something that can be a little bit time-consuming or even more onerous than expected.



This is an important year for you to reignite your ideals and wishes for the future and often uniting with others and joining groups and organizations can be an important Launchpad for some of your ideas. It’s of considerable benefit for you to network, seek likeminded people and expand your social circles, so you should be more involved with groups, organizations or even professional bodies which can help you to understand the potential of your life. You’re likely to meet people who will enhance your life either through education or thought provoking romance.

No one is an island, and Gemini understands better than most people the importance of working with others and learning about yourself via interactions with others, and this year is a point in case. It’s very important for you to motivate yourself by becoming involved in activities that enhances your aims, but which are also connected to wider societal goals or issues.

The spiritual element of relationships is very important to Gemini. This year new relationships will tend to have a slightly enhanced flavor in terms of the fact there is a cosmic connection. So this is a year when you can meet your soulmate or someone with whom you feel there is a special rapport and something that goes beyond the emotional and the physical. This makes it a very exciting year for relationships, but it can also be a little bit more complicated because these sort of spiritual relationships often involve a journey of self-discovery, and often it’s rather revealing in terms of your own character and that of your partner, as karmic scars can be revealed.

This can be a transformative time in relationships, often relationships reach a crossroads and it’s a case of having to adapt or fully reconsider the relationship. Good relationships can become a lot stronger this year with greater cooperation, emotional understanding and more awareness of each other’s needs, but in relationships that are poor, the gap can grow a wider and things can become more bitter and you have to watch out for issues of control.

Gemini are generally looking for closer and more rewarding relationships and if that’s not forthcoming you can sometimes become a little closed or evasive and this could lead to jealousy, so you do have to watch off for your partner becoming a green-eyed monster. You have to be patient in relationships because while it’s possible to improve your relationships right now, this can’t be done overnight and therefore a consistent sustained effort it is needed. Relationships this year need a lot of stamina, they can be demanding and exhausting and so some breaks and space are very important too.

This is a year where your preparations begin bear fruit and this often coincides with an important promotion, success, recognition or culmination of activities. In many cases you are at the pinnacle of your professional life and there are often very important responsibilities and duties for you to carry out.



This year you hear the call of your destiny, suddenly things that you dismissed as indulgent or outrageous become things that you’re actually prepared to consider. You’re motivated to aim higher and an inner yearning will stir in you that will be absolutely impossible to ignore.

This is a year where your self-esteem increases, you have a greater trust in your innate abilities rather than the obvious skills you have, and that’s why you may choose a divergent career path that reflects things that you are gifted in, rather than things you necessarily have experience of.

There is a high likelihood that you will become respected and will attain goals that will bring you public attention and enhance your reputation.

It’s vitally important for you to recognize and correct any behavior patterns that are linked to the past, so any negative thinking or negative habits that were developed as coping mechanisms in the past 14 years have to go. Remember this year is a whole new slate, the last 14 years are over, you need to put that to bed and move on from it. So any routines, behaviors or ideas that accumulated back then now have to be reviewed, if they are positive they can continue or otherwise they have to go.

In long term relationships, fairness and balance is an essential building block. Relationships which have fairness and a sense of justice at the core will thrive. However, relationships where there is this lingering feeling that there’s some oppression, that one person is taking advantage or that one person is not accountable, resentment festers and communication becomes insincere. Lack of fairness, leads to secrecy and avoidance which ruins trust and so everything starts with real fairness at the heart of the relationship.

This year the planet Saturn, which is the ruler of your solar 7th house enters Pisces, which represents quite an idealistic rather romantic and also sometimes a little bit of a confusing influence to relationships. So that means in 2023, your long-term relationships benefit a great deal from romance, they can be more meaningful spirituality in terms of deeper levels of understanding, but they can also be more bewildering.

Communication has to be undertaken with a lot more sensitivity and patience, this is not a year when any kind of understanding can be rushed, it may be a year when your partner is going through something which you don’t fully understand or they are having certain emotions they haven’t had before, possibly because of a life transition of their own. Therefore you must fully employ your sympathetic and intuitive side in order to be compassionate with your partner.

So while this may not be in evidence all year, it’s certainly a trend that your partner needs a little bit more compassion, understanding and maybe deeper intuitive perception, as your partner may not want to spell everything out. In fact sometimes they almost want you to be able to guess, as this is a way of seeing how much you understand them or pays attention to them.



It’s important for Leo to think of all the things in your life that are illusory and deceptive, often we create narratives in our head that become chains that bonds us, but these are only narratives and we have created them, and we can break them. In 2023 you need to think about this and the beginning of the year is ideal for a period of study into psychology, or even some form of counselling can be an excellent way of resetting your mind for success in love relationships and business relationships.

Leo can often become damaged by things that have happened to you in your life, you take situations and events to heart and finds it very difficult to say ‘who cares, water off a duck’s back’ and to move on. Yes externally you look tough as you are quite courageous and have a sunny demeanor, but often you carry scars that are very slow to heal, and this can lead to you losing self-respect and sometimes being a little bit of a walk over in relationships. So this year regaining self-respect is very important to you as it helps you restore balance in relationships and take your power back.

There is a sense this year that you need to jump in the deep end, you need to do it now before you develop cold feet or gives yourself too many negatives. You have to understand in what way, and why you feel restrained and then you need to abandon those restraints and jump in, as Elvis sang, ‘Wise men say only fools rush in’ however in 2023 for Leo it’s often opportune to rush in.

Your closest relationships go through a period of rebalancing and clarity, there are greater levels of appreciation and a need to reawaken the understanding of what a partner brings into your life, and how important those deep, consistent and strong bonds are. If you are very unhappy in a relationship, this is certainly a year to give it one more try, marriage counselling and advice from others could help you gain a perspective as long as it’s professional advice.

Patience in relationships is very important, you cannot afford to be pushy or gung ho, this is a time to be delicate and to be more cognizant of the deeper issues at play. Psychology is very important this year and so Leo needs to continue to work on yourself, understand yourself better and that could be achieved through reading and definitely via contact with different people who are possibly less inclined to self-censor. Thus good advice often comes from total strangers rather than from people you knows, because people you knows probably know you too well to be totally honest with you.

This is a good year for Leo to get married or engaged. If you have been in a long term relationship and you guys have been talking about whether you should get married, now is the time to commit to each other.

Leo is stronger in a partnership, you enjoy the validity and the gratification being a partnership gives you. Despite you being an individualist, you actually like being a team player in marriage and marriage brings out a good side to you, so you guys shouldn’t hesitate, if you’ve been together a long time, maybe now is the time to pop the question and commit.



This is quite an ambitious year, but not in the sense of material achievement or career advancement, you are more ambitious in terms of expanding your knowledge and increasing the amount of power you have in your community or your professional sphere. You’re all about expanding your knowledge, so you want to be seen as someone who is wise, with noble futuristic ideas and who really cares about people beyond your circle.

The reason you are successful this year is that you start your creative and business projects with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, but you can also moderate this with quite a well-rounded realistic and balanced long-term view, and while sometimes planning comes second, once you’ve bumped your head a few times, the planning does happen and tends to be rather effective even if as an afterthought.

In terms of your relationships, you’re more sexually driven and your passionate side comes to the fore. In your relationships, you are quite sexy, you like to introduce sex chat or sexual innuendo. You’re seductive, charming and you’re more willing to sweep a partner of their feet, but sometimes you lose a bit of the Virgo modesty and you go all in, often exaggerating, but let’s be honest you are feeling quite good about yourself and that’s great.

The great thing about Virgo in relationships this year is your increased levels of desire and zest for living. You’re more energetic and you’re also more proactive, so while you can sometimes be a flexible character who takes life as it comes, this year you want to embrace life more fully and introduce a much more vibrant energy to daily life. In terms of dating, you enjoy flirting and impressing a partner and key to dating is spontaneity, fun and a little bit of romance, but nothing to slushy or dramatic. It’s all about being playful, exploring together and having a life enhancing journey together.

This may also be a crucial year for you settling differences regarding a past relationship. So if you have been involved in a relationship that became contentious, nasty or over which there was a lingering bad feeling or even legal battles, you have the power to resolve these and put them into the grave. So you have the potential for drawing a line in the sand, however often it’s very important for you to get legal advice in dealing with these problems, rather than just struggling on as a lay person. You must remember knowledge is power and that includes legal knowledge.

If you are looking for work or a new career, you should take action and do everything you can to find the right job. It’s no use sitting back and waiting for an opportunity to drop into your lap, you need to explore far and wide and to keep a totally open mind without ruling anything out by prejudging it. It’s highly likely you can find a fulfilling new role and this may well be connected with something working in the outdoors, in the community sphere or with people. More generally careers that involve education, guiding people or helping people get access to the law and justice are favored.

It’s in the nature of Virgo to strive to understand and make sense of things in your life, but you have to learn to do that from a spiritual perspective. Often what happens now in marriage has a higher purpose or meaning that is quite difficult to understand and may only be understood in hindsight, so it’s important for you not to be self-critical or to beat yourself up, remember to be kind to both yourself and your partner and to use your spiritual will to navigate relationship issues.

This can potentially be a year of great romance, so don’t forget to indulge with your partner in things that you both find magical, whether it’s movies, music, poetry etc. It’s time to make a space in your life for fantasy and escapism together i.e. little romantic getaways to somewhere secluded where the world cannot intrude.



Libra may have this nagging feeling that you’re come to the end of a major phase in your life, and this is quite apropos, as Pluto has been squaring the sun of all Librans from Capricorn over the past 14 years, but as it moves into Aquarius in 2023, it means a whole era for Libra has ended and so there’s no doubt that this is going to be the dawn of something valuable and important happening.

As we go into 2023 Jupiter is direct in Aries and this is excellent for Libra in terms of committed relationships and marriage. You may have felt some indecision in the latter part of 2022 about things in your marriage which may have been up in the air. Perhaps decisions were put on hold or there was a breakdown in communication with you and your partner, but as you go into 2023 there is an opportunity to restore good communication, also a time for healing and it’s a time for a totally new chapter in your relationship.

2023, particularly the first 6-months, are fantastic for committing to a partner, getting married, getting engaged and redefining a relationship. It’s also a great time to take romances into a whole new more serious phase and start planning a future together.

2023 is also a good time for healing and resolution in marriage, so whatever has gone under the bridge before, it’s an excellent time for forgiveness, letting bygones be bygones, and opening a whole new chapter in your relationship.

This is a very important year to use your judiciousness and sense of fairness and justice. It is an ideal time for you to take on roles like counsellor, mediator, chairperson etc. You excel in roles where you are called to unite others or bring ideas together, your gift right now is in your ability to bring harmony to conflict situations and help large groups of people to work together in constructive ways.

If you are single, new relationships can become serious very quickly, simply because you are more eager to bond and form attachment with someone, because it is often life enhancing to have a partner who is also a friend and a comrade.

You may be particularly attracted to working with your new partner in some way, you get a lot of fulfilment working closely with a romantic partner, even if you aren’t particularly compatible the differences can be extremely stimulating.

It’s very important for you to unite with people who are aspirational, confident and positive. You tend to absorb a lot from other people and it’s vital that you carefully choose the people you spend most time with to make sure that you are picking up the kind of positivity or influence you need in your life. You must take care to keep away from the sort of people that could be a dampening or downing influence.

This can be quite a profound year for Libra in terms of reaching resolution, having a catharsis and undergoing healing at very deep psychological level.

The ability to let go and move on can enhance the way you make emotional exchanges with your partner at a deep level, this improves understanding and can lead to more satisfaction on an intimate level, leading in turn to a much improved sex life.

It’s not only about sex life, however it’s about you and your partner being able to become more comfortable with each other more, aware of each other’s deep and needs and more open to sharing secrets and to letting boundaries go.



This year Scorpio are adept at harnessing your energy, you have a great deal of emotional and intellectual energy, and particularly this year, seeking knowledge gives you a lot of power and from this power you get control and that helps you to feel much more optimistic.

This is generally an optimistic forward-looking phase, which is always important for Scorpio as Scorpio can become victims of their past through guilt, regret or resentment, but right now the only way is up! You’ve got a keen eye on the future, you feel that you can take on anything and there’s nothing that can scare you or get you down.

This is generally a good time for the social side of work and you may experience more reward through people you work with. It’s also good time for getting benefits through work, so while there may not necessarily be a pay increase or a promotion, there may be added perks and benefits that come to you through your employment.

If you are young, this is an excellent time to apply for an apprenticeship as working and learning on the job is particularly favored.

Jupiter brings fresh hope and possibility into the relationship, so even if your marriage has been struggling, this is a fantastic time for healing and reconciliation. Sometimes marriage counselling and getting advice from an impartial expert can help things to heal and you and your partner may be able to take things forward in a positive way.

What relationships need now is fearlessness, fear is the snake in the grass in relationships. When we fear losing a partner, losing control of a partner or fear the relationship dissolving, it tends to produce control, jealousy and a lot of suspicion or even paranoia. So if you can get rid of the fear and trust in your partner and in the relationship, the relationship can only grow stronger in terms of trust and compatibility.

This may be a year in which you travel due to unusual circumstances, you may take a journey to a place you have never expected to be and this can be quite educational. Travel broadens your mind and opens you to things that can certainly change the course of your life for the next few years.

The key to romance and greater happiness and contentment is forgetting about the rights and wrongs, and focusing on what you have learned, what mistakes you’re made (which you won’t make again), and then on purging yourself of all the people, places or things that have been unhelpful influences on your life.

Scorpio likes it when your back is to the wall, which isn’t really the case this year, but you do like to set yourself difficult challenges. You enjoy boycotting or quitting things because when you have achieved that you feel a sense of self mastery which is very important in generating self-esteem and self-worth for Scorpio. So this year you should go ahead and set yourself quite challenging goals on a very personal level, so these might be private goals but they can also be professional and relationship goals, and then you should throw the kitchen sink at it and feel the enormous surge in power that you feel from the achievement.



This is a very important year for your personal journey of inner awareness. There’s a lot going on terms of romance, sport and creativity, but this is also a time for you to connect with your destiny, to be more cognizant of what you are capable of and to possibly push yourself into new directions. It’s certainly a turning point in your life and there may be big changes afoot which can radically affect the way you live.

While this is a busy year, there’s lots of exciting things going on and work is quite demanding, as is your family life, you need to find time for introspection and where you can adjust your attention inwards and seek for the answers. This is a perfect time for you to connect to your true Sagittarian spirit, you need to understand where you have scattered your energies and wasted time on activities or people while not being true to yourself.


If you have been looking for love and have not been having much success, or maybe you haven’t had enough time to devote to finding a suitable partner, during this year you should have plenty of opportunities, so it’s an ideal time to start new activities, to join new clubs to do with sport or creativity etc. because these are all ideal ways to meet a new partner. You should also look for ways to enhance your social life, go out more and do things that will bring the fun factor back.

It’s not just about experiencing success in romance, it’s about finding yourself again. It’s about reconnecting with a side of yourself that is adventurous, fun and playful. Now Sagittarius are competitive, free-spirited, fun loving people, however as we go through life with all the responsibilities and the burdens, it’s very easy for us all to become a little bit jaded and for us to fade, however this is an ideal time for you to get back into the driving seat of your life and that means doing things that make you feel excited and vibrant.

This is a really good year for those who are entrepreneurial or inventive in nature. It suits you guys who run your own business particularly if this business involves an element of creativity, design or innovation. You are particularly proactive about problem-solving and this is certainly a good year for inventions, introducing new products or new services to your business or having launches of these new products.

If you work creatively, this is an excellent time to showcase your talent, to seek publicity and to be more visible. It’s a time when you can get good reviews and great feedback from the public at large, or from your customers.

It’s also important for married Sagittarius to be proactive and get things done, because you become more confident and the more you work as a team this enhances both of your faith in the ability of the relationship to thrive. It’s also good to set the tone for the year, because the more you can achieve upfront, the less pressure there is the rest of the year and it almost sets the backdrop for doing more teamwork together and understanding how to be cooperative again.

What’s important for you both, is to be decisive in terms of your marriage. It’s also vital to be a little bit flexible, not everything is black and white, so it’s a case of deciding on a course of action, giving it a try but understanding when it isn’t working and quickly moving to something else. So it’s all about action, but managing that action in a careful way.



This is certainly a year when you must invest in your family life, the more you invest in the people who mean most you – these can be family but also friends, neighbors or your personal support networks – the more you can draw on a sense of belonging, and these people will reciprocate with support years down the line.

If you have been unhappy, or have faced quite a lot of psychological crises in the last few years, or have had many difficult pills to swallow at a psychological level, this year can really help increase your inner sense of calm and contentment. You can be a lot more in touch with your inner self, and it’s a time when it’s easier for you to handle truths and facts that you’re normally reluctant to face, and this can help settle you down emotionally, and is very helpful in restoring relationships and easing decision-making as with you goes into the second half of the year.

What’s great about 2023 is that it is excellent for romance and dating, so if you are single, this is a perfect time to be more active on the social seem, to join a dating app, or to start doing a new sport with a view to potentially meeting someone who is a like-minded.

You tend to have an adventurous, positive spirit and the idea in love this year is to take a ‘nothing ventured nothing gained attitude’, you shouldn’t be looking to get cozy or settle down quite quickly, you should be looking to play the field, see what’s available, experiment with different types of personalities whom you may have dismissed out of hand before, and see how that makes you feel.

Love should be embraced with a spirit of adventure within you, so you don’t want to go into dating with a very conservative, closed-minded attitude, you want to consider all possibilities and give everyone a fair chance.

This is a terrific year for your creative projects, so whether you are pursuing creativity for a living or in connection with your hobbies, you’re certainly inspired and it can be quite exciting for you developing ideas and taking them through to a conclusion.

You are very inventive and great at problem solving, particularly in the second half of the year, and this can lend itself to creative development of technological products, or finding innovative solutions, so you are quite inventive and you can use that in management, IT or science careers.

2022 is a fantastic time for you to do any work on chakras in terms of releasing blockages in energy and creating a free flow of vitality throughout your body. So if you have been having any health issues, or have been feeling rather depleted or tired, a great way to tackle this is through working with your chakra energy, with a practitioner, or learning more about rebalancing chakras through mind power.

There’s often good news financially this year, and in terms of money and your creative projects, you can have a fair bit of luck. Often this year things suddenly go your way even if unexpectedly, so it’s a year when you can really count your blessings.

The middle part of the year will also be a time in relationships where you have to have more important and serious discussions with your partner, particularly about financial issues, but there may also be emotional issues that have to be resolved. The summer months in the Northern Hemisphere are a time when you may need to deal alone, or with your partner, with an ex or your partner’s ex. Something from the past could crop up which is troublesome, and that may open old scars, but it has to be dealt with.

Now very often couples don’t like to go back over old ground or drag things up, often it isn’t good to rake up the past, but to a certain extent you and a partner may need to revisit once again something from your more recent or more distant past, just to be sure that both of you had your say, felt heard, felt understood and there was a sufficient amount of either apologies or contrition in that regard.



This is a fantastic year for making radical decisions, for purging yourself of past toxic relationships or activities, for turning over a new leaf and also for having a whole new mindset. Pluto is the planet of psychology, so it’s not just about manifestations in the outer world, it’s about going deep into the core of your being and understanding yourself. So it’s all about developing greater self-awareness, understanding your potential and your power, and then realizing what the blockages are, both within your own thought patterns and within the outside world, and then creatively moving forward with determination to overcome those obstacles now that Pluto is in Aquarius.

So a brand new life is available to you, it all depends how much you are prepared to work on yourself and to weed out any regressive thinking. It’s all about change and accepting the new, however the choice is down to you, if you are happy where you are, there’s no need for you to do anything and you may not feel the impetus, but this would be a lost opportunity for growth.

With Jupiter going into Taurus later in the year, this is also a fantastic time for healing within the family arena, improving family relationships and for re-establishing bonds with your nearest and dearest.

Aquarius tend to have a very private side, very often you thrive in an environment where they are free to think, where they get away from it all, either in nature or in a secluded environment so they can contemplate and pontificate, and this is a very important year for you to do that. So while family is incredibly important and there may be some big and significant family events, you also must have your time and space by yourself to undergo all these important thought processes, some dredging up and some reassessing of the past, with the idea of putting a more positive gloss on it.

Internet dating and long distance relationships can be quite successful this year, because you find it very easy to express yourself in writing. Relationships that are mainly based around messaging and an electronic relationship are very fulfilling for you. You’re definitely looking for a partner who is open minded and inspirational, because this year you want to think big and you want to think a lot about the future and the possibilities, and thus you need a partner who is going to open up your horizons, rather than dragging you into a very safe and stuffy place.

If you are married and you and your partner are generally getting on well, but there is a lack of fundamental compatibility, or one of both of you feel unfulfilled by the relationship, then this can be glaringly obvious in the summer months, and one or both of you may feel lonely or frustrated, and the frustration can be sexual or emotional.

This is an ideal time for you and your partner to reassess how well you’re really connecting, whether you are able to nurture each other and to truly work together as a couple, or whether you both just pay lip service to these things and you just go along to get along.

Good relationships where there was a lot of chemistry and a great deal of love, should be worked hard upon to restore trust, quality communication and affection.



Strong relationships should become more fulfilling, more satisfying and you guys should be able to increase the level of trust, and therefore you will be more able to share and to encourage your partner to share too. It’s important for you both to be good listeners as well, so there is a genuine two way highway of interaction.

However, in poor relationships the problem this year is that you deal with insecurities by become extremely possessive and controlling. Your partner may be more inclined to be evasive or secretive as a response to you becoming more emotionally intrusive or manipulative. So it’s very important for you to recognize that feelings of jealousy and possessiveness indicate that you are not secure in a relationship. Insecurities could stem from the fact that the level of communication is not adequate, there is no longer enough sharing on an emotional level and issues of trust have gone to the wall, and thus something radical needs to be done to restore trust.

This is not a year when you will necessarily abandon a relationship because you are extremely stubborn, you’re very determined to work on issues and your loyal nature is enhanced. It’s unlikely that you will walk away, however it’s a question of whether you will be able to deal with the issues you are facing in relationships constructively or not.

Often your own level of self-awareness and security determine how well you deal with relationship issues, if you have not worked on your own self esteem or do not value yourself, your time and your potential, you are more likely to resort to the emotionally manipulative or even narcissistic behavior.

Pisces have a lot of strength in terms overcoming obstacles this year, and you’re more likely to find a sense of harmony in your life. Very often Pisces runs away from things, ignores things, almost acts like an ostrich with its head in the sand as that is your way of coping. However, this year with a combination of stubbornness and also the ability to gather and arm yourself with information, you feel ready to tackle problems with strength and with renewed confidence.

It’s very important for you to trust in your own intelligence and to develop your critical thinking skills as a wonderful complement to your natural intuitive understanding.

In terms of romance there may be a work-related relationship or very close professional relationship with a person to whom you are deeply connected, but this may not develop into a passionate love affair in 2023, it may start purely based around respect and admiration for each other, and the fact that you get on very, very well.

Relationships can become incredibly strong this year and you gains a lot of security from being in a relationship where there is a soulmate connection. So in relationships where you feel you are with a soulmate are strengthened and are very fulfilling and satisfying, but it’s also highly likely that you may connect with soulmate and start developing a close intimate connection.

This is also a year where the sexual side of the relationship goes to a new level, it’s not just about instant gratification and lust, it’s more about reconnecting with a deep desire and a passion that reflects a strong emotional attachment between you and a deep feeling of being partners in life.